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Our $275 birthday package includes up to 20 kids. Each kid over 20 will be $7 per kid, but no more than 30 are allowed due to space. The package includes a bottle of water and 1 icee per child guest. Your payment method will be run for the $125 deposit upon registering, and the remaining $150 balance plus any extras (extra kids, icees, gratuity etc.) will be due at the close of the party. The payment can either be made in cash, or we can run the card on file. You will have the option to add gratuity for your hostesses if desired. 


The first hour of the party will be in the gym where kids can play on our 2 bounce houses, 30 ft trampoline, and mats. Kids will leave their socks and shoes in the designated party room. Any outside food and drinks that you bring for your party are to remain in the party room. We do not allow ANY food or beverages of any kind in the gym.


The final 45 minutes of the party will be held in the party room. Our hostesses are available to help as much or as little as you want! Some parents like to be extremely hands-on, and some parents like to be able to sit back and enjoy their child’s day. Either way, we are here to help! Our hostesses will pass out Icees, water, cake/cupcakes, and help with present opening (to the extent that you wish). Only staff members are authorized to operate the Icee machine. Any extra Icees outside of your 20 guests can be added for $1.50 each. Please contact us or visit our Events Calendar to book.

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